Sunday, May 29, 2011

Your Email Signature - How to Make it Even Better

Forgive me, but I get a little hot under the collar when talking about email signatures. Email signatures are simply the information that automatically posts at the bottom of your emails, below your messages. Just this week alone I received two emails from business contacts asking me to call them to discuss work-related opportunities, yet neither one made use of an email signature, which forced me to try to track down their number like a professional investigator. Did I enjoy that? No I did not.

Everyone who uses email really needs to make use of an email signature. Otherwise you are inconveniencing the people you communicate with when it comes time for them to call you, visit your website or mail you something. Do you really want to force them to track down your business card from months ago, or go on an online search for how to reach you?

If you are already using an email signature, congrats! But you're still not off the hook with me. Is your email signature comprehensive, easy to read, attractive and does it have a message that gets across your unique service proposition?

In addition to having your complete mailing information and contact phone numbers, your email signature could also include a graphic of your logo, your tagline, a line of type sharing some cool new news about your company as well as a link to your website and social media pages. Use a font and colors that align with your overall brand to keep things consistent.

Email signatures are simple to set up, free to use and they offer a wide variety of options that can enhance the branding of any business. Take a moment today to look at your email signature with fresh eyes. When it's comprehensive, attractive and clearly shares something positive about what you do you're using it to its best advantage.

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